Summer 2003 Photo Album, Week 1

These photos were captured using the Kodak EasyShare DX4900.
All images are © TomSettle.Communications.

Tuesday June 10 2003
4 hours by car, 4 hours by bus and another 8 hours at the airport…all adds up to a long travel day! And that’s before my first flight from New York to London.

We were scheduled to depart at 8PM, but the airport crew mistakenly loaded some standby luggage on our plane. Had to return to the terminal, towed part of the way. Luggage was removed and plane re-inspected. Finally took off at 930PM…better safe than sorry!

Wednesday June 11 2003
Got to London about 40 minutes late and thought I might miss my connecting flight to Helsinki. Fortunately this flight was running late too, possibly because of an airline strike within Finland. Finnair flight was very good, especially since they still had free booze 😉

Ville met me at the airport. Later Minna picked me up and took me to watch Antti (my second-cousin) play tennis. Antti, his friend and I went for a beer at an Irish pub. Afterwards we stopped for pizza and walked back to Antti’s place. Hung out there a while, then Minna drove me back to Raija and Ville’s house.

Thursday June 12 2003
I’m always exhausted after long travel days, so I wound up sleeping until about 1230PM (530AM back home).

Ville made us some afternoon coffee and then went to the grocery store. Talked with Antti and cousin Harri. Got some sun in the backyard. I walked to the grocery store in the late afternoon.

In the evening, Ville drove us to pick up Raija and Liisa at the harbor. They just returned from a 5-day trip to several countries. Antti stopped by in the evening to install some software on my laptop. Checked my e-mail before turning in for the day.

Friday June 13 2003
A very rainy day in Helsinki. Just hung out around the house, played cards and went to sauna.

Saturday June 14 2003
Went to the grocery store again this morning. Saw my other second-cousin Anna Leena afterwards.

My cousin Tapio and wife Erja drove Liisa and I to our family cottage in Alapihlaja. Walked over to my uncle Teuvo’s (seen here with Jaska the cat) house and got see my aunt Meeri (seen here at front left) before she left for a month-long trip to Sweden.

Took some more pictures: Meeri’s flowers, Iines the cat and a colorful June sky.

Went to our neighbor Leena’s in the evening for wine and cards.

Sunday June 15 2003
Walked to Teuvo’s (took a picture of some wild mushrooms along the way), watched part of an old Finnish movie. Liisa cooked dinner there.

Saw my cousin Jouni…he stopped by to do some work on a motor for his boat. Leena visited our cottage in the evening and we played cards.

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