6 February 2013


Left Altoona around 11:30AM with my mom and our family friend Carol. We arrived at University Park Airport in State College, I checked in and we all had some coffee.

Flight left on time, just before 2PM. Traveling in the winter is always a gamble weather wise…so far so good.

There was some turbulence but the flight arrived in DC quickly. Long way between gates at Dulles Airport, but I had plenty of time.

The seating map for my United flight to Frankfurt showed plenty of empty seats in “economy plus.” Quite a few people shelled out an extra $100 bucks to upgrade, so the regular cheap seats were a little less crowded. Worked for me 🙂

I watched some movies and TV shows during the flight, including Frasier with Japanese subtitles I couldn’t turn off. Food was OK. Tried very hard to sleep but no luck there 🙁

The flight time was estimated at 8 hours but we arrived 45 minutes early. Still seemed so long, since I didn’t get any sleep. OK I’ll stop complaining now LOL.


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